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Recycled polyester supplier upgrades spinning technology

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 NASHIK – An Indian-based synthetic yarn supplier has started the production of recycled polyester FDY (fully drawn yarns) at its facility in Nashik using a new Oerlikon Barmag direct spinning system.

As a result, Polygenta is now able to produce a wide range of both draw textured yarn (DTY) and fully drawn yarns (FDY) that comply with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

Fully drawn yarns are made up of continuous filaments with highly oriented fibres that require high spinning and winding speeds. They are used as weft or weaves in knitted and woven fabrics with other filament yarns to produce a variety of different fabric effects.

Polygenta has been making POY (partially oriented yarns) and DTY recycled polyester yarns from PET flake since 2014, but the upgrade allows it to make recycled FDY from post-consumer sources.

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