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WPI inflation for apparel up 0.1% in December 2019

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 India's annual rate of inflation, based on monthly wholesale price index (WPI), for December 2019, stood at 2.59 per cent over December 2018. The index for textiles dipped 0.2 per cent while for apparel it was up 0.1 per cent in December, according to the provisional data released by the Office of the Economic Adviser, ministry of commerce and industry.

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Pic: Shutterstock


The official WPI for all commodities (base: 2011-12 = 100) for the month of December 2019 rose by 0.40 per cent to 122.8 from the previous month’s level of 122.3, the data showed.

The index for manufactured products (weight 64.23 per cent) for December 2019 rose by 0.2 per cent to 118.0 from the previous month level of 117.8. The index for ‘Manufacture of Wearing Apparel’ sub-group rose by 0.1 per cent to 139.1 from 138.9 for the previous month due to higher price of leather garments including jackets (2.8 per cent), hosiery goods, others – cotton (1.1 per cent) and cardigans and pullovers, knitted (0.2 per cent). However, the price of shawls and scarves, knitted (1.1 per cent), trouser / pants made of cotton and / or man-made fibre (0.8 per cent) declined.

The index for ‘Manufacture of Textiles’ sub-group, on the other hand, declined by 0.2 per cent to 116.9 from 117.1 for the previous month due to lower price of woollen yarn (2 per cent), and other textiles (1 per cent).

The index for primary articles (weight 22.62 per cent) rose by 1.0 per cent to 148.8 from 147.3 for the previous month. The index for fuel and power (weight 13.15 per cent), however, remained unchanged at the previous month's level of 101.3. While prices of petroleum coke, furnace oil, and bitumen declined, prices of naphtha, LPG, petrol, and coking coal moved up.

Meanwhile, the all-India consumer price index (CPI) on base 2012=100 stood at 7.35 (provisional) in December 2019 compared to 5.54 (final) in November 2019 and 2.11 in December 2018, according to the Central Statistics Office, ministry of statistics and programme implementation.

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