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Cone Denim to show new recycled cotton denim at Kingpins

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 Cone Denim, a leader in denim authenticity and sustainable innovation, is set to launch its newest collection featuring denim fabrics made from recycled cotton at the Kingpins New York show, on November 19-20, 2019. Cone Denim, headquartered in the US, is a leading denim fabric innovator which delivers unparalleled expertise and advanced denim capabilities.



The Cone Denim Recycled Cotton collection promotes a closed-loop system that uses pre-consumer and post-consumer waste in the production of new, more socially responsible denims – creating authentic fabrics you know, with more to love, the company said in a press release.



Cone Denim is working with likeminded partners in Mexico including Apparel International and Flynn Enterprises to collect and incorporate pre-consumer scraps from the cutting table back into the company’s supply chain and used in the manufacturing of its authentic denim. Using a closed-loop process, Cone Denim is able to bring scraps from original Cone Denim fabrics together with other sustainable components using mindful manufacturing processes to create environmentally conscious Cone fabrics.



“Cone is continually innovating ways to create more sustainable, responsibly produced denims. The partnership with Apparel International and Flynn provides an opportunity for us to reclaim scraps of Cone denim to use in creating an even more responsible authentic fabric.



It is no secret that making denim requires a significant amount of resources. The use of pre-consumer recycled cotton from Cone’s own internal operations and our cut-and-sew partners helps to conserve water by offsetting water used to grow cotton. Additionally, Cone’s use of pre and post-consumer recycled cotton has redirected approximately 500,000 pounds of cotton waste from landfills over the last year,” Cone Denim president Steve Maggard said.



“We are excited to be a partner with Cone in creating more sustainable denims. We believe protecting the environment is an obligation and we are pleased to participate in such an urgent and worthy cause as we stand alongside Cone and the industry in their efforts to create more socially responsible denim and find ways to innovate without compromising the consumer’s love for authenticity. Reclaiming waste benefits everyone across the supply chain and creates a denim garment that consumers can be proud to wear. We look forward to more expanded projects together,” Oscar Gonzalez Franch, president Apparel International said.



Cone Denim operates as part of Elevate Textiles which announced earlier this year its 2025 Sustainability Commitments focused on responsibly sourced fibres, reduced water consumption and reduced greenhouse gases. As part of Elevate’s commitments and that of its portfolio brands, including Cone Denim, efforts are underway across Elevate’s brands to use at least 80 per cent sustainably sourced cotton and 50 per cent recycled polyester content; reduce the company’s water intensity by 25 per cent per unit of production, and set a specific greenhouse gas target of achieving a 2.5 per cent per year reduction trajectory as part of its participation with the Science based Target (SBT) Programme. These goals solidify Elevate’s commitment to responsible manufacturing and continue in the tradition of its brands as innovation leaders.

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