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Apparel Coalition: transparency is key to consumer trust

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      SAN FRANCISCO – The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has published a new report on transparency that’s designed to stimulate greater collaboration among brands, retailers and manufacturers to engage consumers globally and win their trust on environmental and social issues.

based on findings from 12 consumer focus groups in six cities (Chengdu, Shanghai, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, London and New York City), the report aims to stimulate greater collaboration between brands, retailers and textile manufacturers, saying that “consumers feel that brands and retailers have an opportunity to feature this information (environmental and social work) more prominently in stores, online, and on hang tags – not hidden away in secluded sections of company websites.”

“Consumers are eager for more sustainability information from brands and retailers, and we’re committed to enabling Coalition members and Higg Index customers to share sustainability information publicly, so that they can help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions,” said SAC Executive Director Amina Razvi.

A part of its new push for greater transparency, a new public website for sharing information about the Higg Index and SAC members’ work is targeted to launch in 2020. 

The report comes just a day after another survey was published in the UK that also said transparency was the key to gain the trust of shoppers buying textiles and clothing.

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