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Canada's Myant launches self-heating base layer SKIINCore

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Canadian company Myant has launched on Kickstarter SKIINCore, a smart, discreet and wire-free heated base layer that keeps men and women warm in all the right places while ensuring flexibility and style. Kickstarter is a Brooklyn-based US public-benefit corporation that maintains a global crowd-funding platform focused on creativity and merchandising.


SKIINCore learns the wearer’s optimal temperature the more he wears it and automatically adapts to deliver heat at his optimal temperature, said product manager Hin Fan.


It features a conductive yarn to deliver impressive 18 watts of heating power from a sleek battery that snaps into the elegant docking station strategically placed at the midsection so that wearers barely feel it. It generates heat for eight hours when set on its lowest settings, according to a press release from the company.


It also features machine-learning capabilities, using an accelerometer, body temperature, and outside temperature so SKIINCore learns and automatically adapts to your ideal temperature over time across any range of activities, he said.


It is designed to deliver heat only to areas like core, hands, thighs and feet wher one needs it most and allows the wearer to stay warm.


Ribbed on the outside and smooth on the inside, the design ensures the user stays comfortable with material that stays in place and never bunches. (DS)

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