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The first yarn dyeing project starts production in Korla, Xinjiang

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 Recently, the first yarn dyeing project in Xinjiang-Korla Huitongtai Printing and Dyeing Technology Company’s 30kt cheese and towel/hair-drying towel dyeing project per year started trail production in Korla, Xinjiang.

As the first batch of new printing and dyeing projects in Xinjiang, this project completed and started production, playing an important role in the while textile and garment industrial chain and promoting downstream development. The project is totally invested 230 million yuan, and yearly production value will reach 500 million yuan, to provide jobs for about 400 people.

The second central Xinjiang work symposium has determined the implementation of the strategic plan for the development of the textile and garment industry in Xinjiang to promote the employment of millions of people, all parts of Xinjiang have taken advantage of resources and vigorously developed the spinning, weaving, clothing, home textile and knitting industries. However, due to the influence of water quantity, water quality conditions, and high cost of printing and dyeing water and sewage discharge, the relative development of the printing and dyeing industry across the upstream and downstream is lagging behind.

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