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Xinjiang establish government guidance funds help textile and garment enterprises to broaden the fin

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 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region recently announced Commission by letter, Xinjiang and Orient Securities, Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Southwest Securities fund jointly set up textile and garment industry, the focus will be by way of equity investment in Xinjiang textile and apparel industry and related strategic emerging industries.
The second central Xinjiang work conference made it clear, it is necessary to promote employment in a more prominent position, the development of textile and garment industry as a strategic move in the development of textile and garment industry in Xinjiang implementation plan to improve employment, support the development of textile and garment industry. Subsequently, about 20 billion yuan in Xinjiang set up textile and garment industry development funds, and the introduction of taxes, subsidies, low price and other special preferential policies.
Favorable policies to promote the development of Xinjiang's textile and garment industry into the fast lane, ushered in textile and garment enterprises investment boom, at the same time, corporate financing difficulties "card" to live the industrial transformation and upgrading, "neck." According to regional Commission by letter Textile Bank office reports, the textile and garment industry to establish government guidance funds, financial support for specific measures in Xinjiang Textile Industry, the textile and garment enterprises will help broaden the financing channels, improve the financing environment to address business financing.
As the country's largest cotton-producing regions, the end of 2015, the total size of the textile Xinjiang has exceeded 10 million, the formation of Urumqi - Changji, Shihezi - Kuitun, Korla - Yuli, Aksu - Kashgar five Alar and textile industry gathering area, initially formed "three city seven parks a center" cluster development pattern, wher "three-city" that Akzo textile industrial City, Shihezi City, the textile industry, textile industry Korla City; "seven parks" that Hamilton, Bachu, Alar, Shaya Manas, Kuitun, Horgos; "a center" that textile Urumqi international trade Center.

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