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Textile union: the future of China's textile industry will focus on science and technology

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 "China has the world's largest textile industry." China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong said that China's textile production has currently more than half the world's total textile fiber processing, to further improve the proportion of total global exports, international market share of more than a third of the world.
Many Chinese clothing brands have entered the international high-end market. Such as: South commoner has opened 38 stores in Japan, France, Russia and more than 10 countries and regions; Bosideng brand in more than 400 high-end stores in eight countries set sales and the like.
In recent years, China's textile industrial structure is constantly optimized. Data show that as of 2014, apparel, home textiles, industrial fiber consumption rose from 2010, 51:29:20 adjusted to 46.8: 28.6: 24.6.
Nevertheless, by the rising domestic labor costs, the impact of the settlement currency devaluation and other factors, China's textile exports declined. Customs data show that the year 2015, China's textile and apparel exports of $ 291.1 billion, down 4.8%.
On the other hand, the domestic high-end consumer demand is still not well satisfied, China's textile industry still faces many challenges. Ministry data show that in 2014, overseas Chinese residents consumption over one trillion yuan, accounting for more than 5,000 yuan shopping, some of the items purchased in the clothing, footwear and other textiles.
Deputy Minister of Industry, said Feng Fei, compared with foreign products, quality brand there is a gap, the lower part of the foreign consumer prices, foreign products to perform to high standards and good consumer environment, is the main reason people outside the shop.
Gao Yong said that the current Chinese textile brand, design, etc., on the development of high performance products, with foreign advanced level there is a gap, but these gaps are not too far away.
Gao Yong said that the future of the textile industry will focus on science and technology, high-performance construction research projects, international brand development, etc., to the textile industry turned to power.

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