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Customs "not Xieqi" Spring Festival seven days Chongqing port import and export cargo 374

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 Customs "not Xieqi" Paul ports open
Spring Festival seven days Chongqing port import and export cargo 374 million yuan
February 14, reporter learned from the Chongqing Customs, for the protection of open ports, Chongqing Customs Spring "no Xieqi" seven days leave port city a total of 33,200 tons of goods clearance, the value of about 374 million yuan.
February 10, coincided with three days of the first lunar month, 6.5-ton shipment of chilled salmon, delivered to the Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. We were at the scene of Chongqing Customs officer on duty quickly gone through customs procedures for safeguard these delicious time to meet the surge in the market during the holiday season consumer demand, fast end the public table. February 11, sent from the United States, Australia 2332 international express, customs clearance is also the first time, sent to the hands of the public. Chongqing Customs responsible person, during the Spring Festival in Chongqing airport, bonded port, wharf site clearance, clearance scene such overtime has become the norm.
The official said that before the holiday began, Chongqing Customs initiative to strengthen communication with the business, pay close attention to the production and import and export business plan, based on business needs to work overtime to provide reservation to facilitate customs clearance services. According to statistics, during the Spring Festival, Chongqing Customs under the Customs Cuntan, 44 votes total release declaration, the value of 35.0722 million yuan, cargo weight 64.91 tons; under the West Wing Customs accept the declaration declaration 65 votes, the value of $ 38,914,000, goods weight 105.1 tons; in Fuling office overtime 32999.95 tons clearance of imported goods, the value of 81.88 million yuan.
Meanwhile, with the export-oriented economic development in Chongqing, the number of entry and exit of rapid growth during the holiday. In response holiday travel peak, Chongqing Customs actively strengthen liaison and coordination with airlines, passenger traffic is expected to advance to master data during the spring, a reasonable allocation of human resources, immigration peak hours, equipped with manpower to ensure smooth customs clearance. Holiday seven days, the customs clearance of inbound and outbound passengers a total of 51,878 passengers, an increase of 16.78%, supervision and control flight 323 vehicles, an increase of 10.23%. Source: People

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