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Usu City, the first batch of cotton subsidies already completed were issued

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 2015 Wusu planting 130 acres of cotton. Cotton production subsidies in accordance with the new policy is expected to release the first wholesale subsidies to cotton farmers about 400 million yuan.
In recent days, with a "One Card" credit unios to receive subsidies for cotton farmers flocked to. Farmers' faces beaming with smiles, enjoying the benefits brought by the national policy.
Wusu nine farmers 黄廷芬 Lou said: "By 2015 I planted 50 acres of cotton land in December got more than nineteen thousand subsidies to get these subsidies we are still very pleased with our. life is much better. "
According to Wusu Town townships review reported data issued, the first first cotton subsidies already were issued completed.
Wusu nine Lou finance Wang Jun, said: "Up to now, we have a total of rural cotton subsidies paid 2,400 yuan, benefiting 776 farmers."

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