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Suqian 2015 textile and garment industry light Transcript: annual income of 51.3 billion yuan

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 February 4 pm, the municipal urban places textile and garment export quality and safety demonstration area officially inaugurated the demonstration area will be the next target for the provincial demonstration area created to carry out the work.
Textile industry is a traditional pillar industry in our city and an important livelihood industry, the boom markets, expand exports, creating jobs, and played an important role. Since last year, the city's initiative to adapt to the new economic normal, vigorously promote industrial cluster development, the textile and garment industry is determined to promote the city as one of the four special industries. 2015, the city's textile and garment industry realized a sales income of 51.3 billion yuan, up 19.1 percent, accounting for 22.7% of total industry sales of the four characteristics of the city.
Urban places is an important base for the city's textile and garment industry, has formed a group of deer with arrows, Hengli Group, the Shenlong textile as the representatives of the textile and garment enterprises. September 7, 2015, in order to better promote the development of the textile and garment industry, foreign exchange, government and residential district of Suqian CIQ signed a textile and garment export quality and safety demonstration area of ​​cooperation memorandum.
It is reported that the municipal urban places formally textile and garment export quality and safety demonstration area set up, not only for the industry to play a comparative advantage to enhance the market competitiveness and brand influence play a positive role in promoting, it will also help to optimize the allocation of resources, sharing of trade conveniently realize elements of cluster development.

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