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Vietnam's textile production index in January, up 12.1% over last year

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 According to the Vietnamese General Statistics Office reported in January this year, Vietnam's industrial production index growth of 5.9% over last year. wherin the processing and manufacturing industries grow by 8.2%; electricity production and supply growth of 13.2%; waste water and waste disposal to grow 9.7%; 4.2% reduction in the mining industry.
In January this year in the secondary industrial, compared with last year's growth rate preferred industries include: the production of vehicles with engines of growth of 15.9%, beverage production growth of 15%, metal production growth of 14.1%, furniture production growth of 13.3%, electricity production and supply growth of 13.2%, 12.1% growth of the textile industry.
The higher growth rate industries include: apparel production growth of 11.2%, water extraction, treatment and supply growth of 10.4%, rubber and plastic products and rubber and plastic products were growing 9.7%, non-metallic mineral products 9.4% growth.
Moderate growth or recession in the industry, including: Hong silt production growth of 3.6%, 1.4% growth of coal mining, electronics, computer and optical products decrease by 1.2%, 2% of the production of electrical equipment, fuel extraction of crude oil and natural decrease of 6.2%.
In January this year, the index of industrial growth over last year in order, is the preferred area: 59% growth of Quang Nam province, Taiyuan province grow 20.6%, 15.7% growth in Hai Phong, Hanoi growth of 14.4%, growth of 9.5% in Hai Duong, Da Nang 9.4% growth of the port city, Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai have grown 8.2%, Binh Duong province were growing 8%, Vinh Phuc province to grow 7.6%, 5.9% growth of the city and celery, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province to grow 5.4 percent, Quang Ninh province to grow 3.4 %.

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