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Last year, Malaysia imported textiles and clothing and footwear 15.979 billion ringgit

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 According to statistics Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia release shows that the cumulative Malaysia's total trade in 2015 was 1 trillion 4,656 million ringgit (US $ 3,522.23 million), compared with 2014 growth of 1.19%; exports of 7,799.47 million ringgit, growth of 1.9%; imports 6,856.6 billion per day, growing 0.4%; trade surplus of 94.295 billion ringgit, the growth of 14.3%.
  Malaysia economists said export growth of 1.9% in 2015, products, fabricated metal products, machinery, and with parts, rubber products, optical and scientific instruments, electronic and electrical products and chemicals and chemical products of exports and 31.94 percent growth, respectively, 20.47 %, 12.1%, 10.35%, 8.5% and 7.18%; other major products including liquefied natural gas, refined petroleum products, crude oil and export of palm oil decreased by 26.16%, 22.46%, 20.32% and 5.5%, respectively.
  Malaysia's main imports in 2015 projects Electronics & Electrical (2,013.3 billion per day), chemicals and chemical products (65 billion ringgit), refined petroleum products (63.47 billion ringgit), machinery, and parts with (59.36 billion ringgit ), metal products (44.092 billion ringgit), transportation equipment (36.374 billion ringgit), iron and steel products (21.755 billion ringgit), optical and scientific instruments (21.65 billion ringgit), processed foods (RM 17.78 billion) and textiles , clothing and footwear (15.979 billion ringgit)

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