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Dalian: Bonded exports $ 4.58 billion last year

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 Dalian Bonded exports last year to achieve $ 4.58 billion, an increase of 7.14%, accounting for the city's exports accounted for 17.8%. Bonded adhere to the policy with full functionality, make good use of the port and shipping logistics advantages, improve trade facilitation, encourage foreign trade enterprises to speed up innovation, in the "crisis" in the search "machine."
In terms of functional advantages play policy, Free Trade Zone, the bonded port area on Energy tank features encourage Dalian Port oil terminal and petrochemical joint petrochemical, oil entrepot trade Enaisikai International Development, the annual amount of oil re-exports surged, reaching $ 850 million, accounting for 19% of total exports; clutching Northeast petroleum international business export enterprises do not relax, summon business confidence and drive to overcome the adverse effects of oil prices fell sharply, to secure the completion of annual export $ 1 billion, net by $ 100 million. Encourage innovation in enterprises, the situation faced by traditional processing trade exports shrinking proportion of bonded area to encourage enterprises to increase investment in science, and enhance market competitiveness, and promote exports. Since last year, the Far East region tool, CIMC Railway Equipment, Kang Dema science and technology enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, gradually shift to high value-added and technology content of export products, the Far East tool annual export growth of 5%, Kang Dema Technology is capital construction of two production lines.
Bonded actively foster the development of new business formats, and actively introduce Yonhap trade, Japan and South Korea and other overseas Story electricity supplier platform to encourage small and medium business enterprises to use the functional advantages of the bonded port area to carry flexible import and export trade, the full enjoyment of cross-border e-commerce dividend policy comprehensive Experimental zone. Through government guidance and market a positive boost, the bonded area is fully built set declaration, tax, verification, financing and other functions in one of the foreign trade enterprises incubator, companies settled zero cost, and supporting various forms of financial services, reducing SMEs foreign trade enterprises operating costs, financing costs. By taking a variety of measures in 2015, Free Trade Zone has a new outlet 257 qualified enterprises to arrange overseas enterprises to participate in various professional exhibition of more than 10 times, almost a hundred signed, new foreign orders signed nearly $ 700 million.

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