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Shandong Province Consumer Association released test results jackets Compare Products

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 It is reported that Shandong Province Consumers Association released Down on Comparative test results.
The comparative test samples by the staff of the Consumer Association of Shandong Province as an ordinary consumer market in Jinan purchasing random sample covering the well-known consumer brands as well as well-known mainstream brands of mass consumption: 500 yuan, accounting for one-piece 32%, one-piece 500-1000 yuan accounted for 40% or more single 1,000 yuan accounted for 28%. Sample type involved in men's, women's, children's clothing three categories. Origin, including Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Chongqing 7 provinces and cities, a total of 40 brands 50 varieties.
The comparative test health indicators are of concern to consumers, thermal performance, safety performance indicators, as well as the intrinsic quality of the project in accordance with the relevant product identification standards were tested. On the whole, 84% in line with the intrinsic quality of the product identification rate was 78%; from the type of clothing, the men's rate was 65%, in line with 67% of women, children's clothing in line was 89%; the actual purchase price range, the rate was 50%, 500-1000 yuan 500 yuan rate was 75% more than 1000 yuan rate was 79%; from the intrinsic quality of test items, the indicators all meet the safety standards, health indicators all in line with the 98% of the samples, all in compliance with the thermal properties of the sample accounted for 94%. Other projects are all in line with the sample accounted for 88%.

Special Note:This information is provided by the relevant companies, authenticity is not confirmed, for reference only. Please use caution, at your own risk.

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