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The sentiment index shows through clothing fell by 0.3 points in the fourth quarter from the previou

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 Chinese garment industry to upgrade and enhance innovation capability is the core of the future should be scientific and technological progress, the chain of integrated innovation and upgrading industrial clusters development of these three areas, the formation of "point, line, surface" development pattern.
After the garment industry in the climate index report shows that the fourth quarter of 2015, the clothing industry by sentiment index was 95.4, down 0.3 points from the previous quarter. From the specific indicators, compared with the previous quarter, the apparel industry the main business income, total profit, total taxes, and total fixed asset investment growth has slowed.
By 2015, the face of complex domestic and international situation changes, China's garment industry in the case of increasing the operating pressure, showing a "generally stable adjustment change" main features. January to November, above-scale garment enterprises 15586 main business revenue grew 5.94%, gross profit increased by 5.01%. The main profit indicators remain stable or increased slightly, indicating that the industry restructuring and adjustments never stopped.
Apparel industry is a basic consumer goods industry, the market is very high degree of industry, the more the face of difficulties, adjustment, innovation and transformation, the pace of change and the greater the intensity of the entire industry, the greater the efforts of enterprises.
Chinese garment industry to upgrade the core is to enhance innovation capability, innovation capability, including technical innovation, cultural creativity and innovative business model, set to become the ultimate value of the brand of creativity and vitality. And enhance innovation capability, future technological progress should, in the chain of integrated innovation and upgrading industrial clusters development of these three areas, the formation of "point, line, surface" development pattern. Technological progress is the focal point, the chain of integrated innovation is a line of industrial clusters represent the fundamentals of the entire Chinese garment industry.
The era of technology is, can not grasp the progress of science and technology, will be behind the times. oncoming new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, will be a major support and significant opportunity for industrial transformation and upgrading. The future development of China's garment industry foothold first advances in technology, it will always run through the next industrial upgrading.
We need to continue to accelerate the pace of scientific and technological progress, through information and depth of industry integration, reconstruction and consumer brand, links the relationship between markets, changes in production methods and value creation mode. The industry, the technology does not just mean the application of automation, intelligent equipment, also it includes intelligent production management, product development, terminals and retail, business model and so on.
Whether garment manufacturing, or brand building, not isolated development. At present, the clothing industry as the leading integrated innovation system are maturing, cross-sectoral, cross-regional, cross-cutting collaborative innovation closer integration of upstream and downstream industries to accelerate development. Chinese garment industry development "Thirteen Five" period, in the upstream and downstream industries docking, or is related industries docking, consolidation and integration are inseparable from the innovation resources.
Cluster represents the Chinese garment industry wide towers SMEs, industrial upgrading is not solely a business climb to the top, but the entire industry needs to increase. Upgrading of industrial clusters means to improve the overall level of professionalism and ability to create lift.
"Thirteen Five" is to promote the apparel industry from large to strong critical period of the next five years are crucial, important and hopeful five years, China's garment industry will strive to "Thirteen Five" Building a New Economy new era with international competitive advantage in innovative industries. This requires the Chinese garment industry must be down to earth, abandon the impetuous to continuously innovative spirit of enterprise, honesty and trustworthiness of the spirit of the contract, the better the craftsman's spirit and people-centered humanistic spirit, to build China's clothing industry, culture, looking for clothing power construction fundamental driving force.

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