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Trade war, political uncertainties alter us apparel supply chain

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Core Tip:The US-China trade war and other disruptions like labor issues in Cambodia and political unrest in Central America have
 The US-China trade war and other disruptions like labor issues in Cambodia and political unrest in Central America have deeply impacted sourcing patterns in America. An analysis of the country’s men’s wear imports and shifting production proclivities reveals that the emergence of certain countries or regions as specialists for import of certain products over the years.

Mexico emerges top jeans supplier
As per the data from the Commerce Department’s Office of Textiles & Apparels, Mexico emerged as the top supplier of men’s and boys’ blue jeans to the US in the first quarter of 2019. The country held a 36.81 per cent share of US imports of the category for the year. Despite the uncertainty over the fate of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), jeans imports from Mexico increased by 16.64 per cent to $172.19 million during the January to March period. The country holds a 5.73 per cent share of the women’s and girls’ blue jeans import market, currently dominated by China, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Bangladesh and China are the next two biggest suppliers of men’s and boys’ jeans. However, Bangladesh’sUS apparel exports grow despite emergence of new shipments increased by only 0.93 per cent to $51.24 million in the first quarter while imports from China declined by 3.39 per cent in the period to $39.9 million.

Pants and shorts dominate from Bangladesh
Bangladesh leads the men’s and boys’ cotton trousers, breeches and shorts category with a 24.58 per cent imports share. The country’s imports in the quarter increased 13.59 per cent to $442.31. Bangladesh was followed by Mexico with a 16.62 share in the imports market. imports from the country’s increased by 9.57 per cent to $234.63 million while those from China declined by 14.06 per cent to $203.36 per cent.

Bangladesh also captures the shirts market
Bangladesh also holds the top position in export of men’s and boy’s cotton woven shirts. The country holds a 21.67 per cent share with its exports increasing by 23.38 percent in the first quarter to a value of $146.97 million. China, on the other hand, holds a 18.94 percent share with its shipments declining by 22.27 per cent to $109.91 million Vietnam has 11.86 per cent share. Its shipments increased by 5.66 per cent to $76.81 million. Among their neighbors, imports from Indonesia increased 17.94 percent in the period and Sri Lanka’s were up 6.39 percent to $28.68 million, but India’s shipments declined 12.05 percent to $57.13 million.

The import market for men’s and boys’ cotton knit shirts is led by China with a 14.06 percent share for the year through March, with Vietnam holding 11.8 percent of the market and Honduras 9.87 percent.

Vietnam’s shipments increased by 24.76 percent in the first quarter to a value of $200.92 million, while imports from China rose by 4.6 percent to $180.55 million and Honduras’ shipments were up 1.38 percent to $146.25 million.

China exports maximum number of suits and coats
China dominates import share in men’s and boy’s outerwear. The country holds a 44.4 per cent market share with Vietnam occupying the second spot with a 25.6 per cent market share. However, China exported 1.47 per cent less of men’s and boy’s outerwear in the first quarter, while Vietnam’s exports increased by 31.56 percent in the period to a value of $107.02 million.

Controlled by three main suppliers -- Italy, China and Canada; the wool suit supply market declined in the first three months in this year. Italy’s supplies increased by 6.52 percent in the period to $23.81 million, while China’s shipments were basically flat at $18.74 million and imports from Canada declined 9.96 percent to $16.07 million.

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