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Pillow filling material introduction

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Core Tip:Brief introduction of pillow filling materials, one third of a person's life spent in sleep, sleep directly affects peop
 Brief introduction of pillow filling materials, one third of a person's life spent in sleep, sleep directly affects people's health and longevity, choose a comfortable pillow that suits you, you can enjoy a comfortable deep sleep, I do not know Feel the health of your body!
First, natural material pillow filler
Down fiber has good resilience performance, and has temperature regulation and humidity control function. It has high air permeability and can provide a dry and comfortable "small environment" for the human body. The disadvantage is that the down pillow can not be washed, and people with allergies should avoid it. Use this pillow to avoid respiratory discomfort.
2. Buckwheat skin
This is the most common pillow filling, it is moderately soft, plastic and absorbent. It is also lighter. The disadvantage is that the elasticity is poor, and the pillows are loud when the head and neck are active. For those who are prone to insomnia, it may affect sleep.
3. Silk
Silk is the world's most recognized softest and healthiest natural fiber. Pure natural mulberry silk, with the effect of calming the nerves, can completely eliminate the accumulated fatigue during the day and gain health.
4. Xiang Purong
Xiangpu velvet is a traditional Chinese pillow material. It has soft texture, calming and calming, clearing heat and cooling blood. It is breathable and extraordinarily light, which makes sleep more refreshing, comfortable, relaxed, moderately soft and hard.
Second, natural physiotherapy material filler
The lavender pillow filling removes the flowering branches and leaves, retains the petals, and is naturally air-dried and screened and aired. The smell is fragrant, it can calm the mood, drive the wind, lower blood pressure, detoxify, relax the muscles and promote sleep.
Silkworm sand cools and relieves heat, relieves blood circulation and promotes blood circulation in the brain. As early as in the Ming court, it used to fill the pillow and was loved by the royal family. Silkworm sand is clean and hygienic, and it can naturally regulate sleep.
3. Tieguanyin
Tieguanyin contains a variety of nutrients and medicinal ingredients, lasting fragrance, and breathable, perspiration, heat dissipation, with the natural curvature of the tea itself, helping to maintain a refreshing, sweet and good sleep.
4. Green pea shell
Mung bean skin, which is the shell that mung bean shed after germination, can help sleep, promote blood circulation, lower head temperature, and benefit the mind. It can anneal, cool down, help to fall asleep, and be more comfortable to use in the hot summer.
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