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Advantages and disadvantages of printed fabrics

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Core Tip:The advantages and disadvantages of printed fabrics, printed cloth is a kind of fabric. The fabric of this fabric is ma
       The advantages and disadvantages of printed fabrics, printed cloth is a kind of fabric. The fabric of this fabric is made by high-temperature printing and dyeing with grey cloth printing paper. The printed cloth has been popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties. At the time, the printed cloth was very popular, and even reached the peak of the ancient times. It was deeply loved and sought after by people. In ancient times, it was often used as a dowry bedding, clothing and footwear fabrics, people felt very happy. Before the founding of the People's Republic of China, there were more than 100 dyeing workshops in printing and dyeing printing fabrics, and they were mainly distributed in county towns, towns and villages. The business was very good. The printed fabrics needed to be soaked in white cloth and then coated with bean noodles. Gypsum is stirred into a paste, then plated with hard oil paper and engraved with various print patterns such as flowers, birds and insects, and then printed on a white cloth with a doctor blade, and finally put into the dyeing tank for dyeing, after dyeing The cloth is dry and the attachment on the peeling pattern can make a printed cloth, while the modern printed cloth is mainly produced by machine.
       According to the different process, the printed cloth can be divided into transfer printing cloth and permeation printing cloth, and the equipment according to different processes can be divided into manual printing cloth and machine printing cloth. Hand-printed fabrics include batik, tie-dye, tie-dye, hand-painted and hand-printed plate printing, while machine-printed fabrics include roller printing, screen printing, transfer printing and other types of printed cloth. Other types have hot flowers, rotten Flowers, dyeing, discharge, inkjet printing, electrostatic printing and flocking printing.
       Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of printed cloth
1. Advantages of printed cloth: The patterns of printed cloth are various in color, and beautiful and generous. It solves the problem that only pure color cloth is used without printing. It greatly enriches people's material life enjoyment, and the use of printed cloth is very wide. Not only can it be worn as clothing, but also can be mass-produced, and it is inexpensive, and ordinary people can basically afford it and be loved by them.
2. Disadvantages of printed cloth: The pattern of traditional printed cloth is relatively simple, and the limitations of color and pattern are relatively large. Unlike the digital printing with leading technology, its pattern and color are not limited. What kind of pattern do you want? It can be printed on the second stage. It can't transfer the printing on the cotton fabric. After the printing cloth is used for a long time, there may be discoloration and discoloration.

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