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How to improve the waterproof success rate of fabrics?

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Core Tip:In the textile printing and dyeing industry, driven by various internal and external factors, the development of functio
 In the textile printing and dyeing industry, driven by various internal and external factors, the development of functional finishing can be described as “suddenly advancing”. In the functional textile printing and dyeing industry, waterproof finishing is one of the most common functional finishing.
Currently, the waterproofing agent on the market is mainly classified into a fluorocarbon waterproofing agent and a non-fluorine-based waterproofing agent. That is what we often say: C8 waterproofing agent, C6 waterproofing agent and fluorine-free waterproofing agent. Although the water repellent has certain differences in principle, the waterproof treatment process is not much different. How to produce a high quality waterproof fabric? How to solve the problem that the customer is not waterproof?
01 about waterproof fabric
1. There are many types of fabrics. The structure, thickness and characteristics of different fabrics are different. When we get the fabric to be tested, we must determine what kind of fabric it belongs to, so that we can roughly judge the suitable process. condition.
2. Confirm whether the fabric to be treated has been previously finished, such as soft finishing.
3. Confirm that the fabric surface is clean? Does it contain impurities? Impurities are further divided into impurities in the fabric itself (pre-treatment is not cleaned), and there is also a foreign impurity (pre-treatment, additional additives when dyeing); if there are impurities on the surface of the fabric, the waterproof effect will be greatly reduced.
4. Fabric PH value? Yes, it is the PH value of the fabric, and the PH value of the fabric will affect the waterproof effect.
The above is a problem that must be paid attention to before making waterproof finishing. It is also necessary to prepare the finishing fabric correctly. only when the preparation is sufficient, our next waterproof finishing can be carried out more smoothly.
02 about the waterproof finishing experimental process formula
When the fabric is ready, then we need to design the process and formula. In order to get the best results in the effective time, how to choose the waterproofing agent, set the amount of waterproofing agent, and determine the finishing process of the fabric?
1. For these, the first thing to consider is the customer's request. As a brand waterproofing agent supplier, we will often receive the customer's experimental fabric. Therefore, before the experiment, we must choose the product according to the customer's requirements. For example, if the customer specifies C6 waterproofing agent, or the customer is to make an export order and requires environmental protection, then only C6 waterproofing agent or fluorine-free waterproofing agent can be seleced.
2. At the same time, according to the actual situation of the fabric, the properties of chemical fiber and cotton are different, and the effect of the same product is different, so the actual situation of the fabric should be considered when selecting the waterproofing agent.
3. The third point is the equipment technology on the customer's side. After all, the equipment of each company will be different, and its temperature, rolling rate and time control will be different. Before finishing, it is also necessary to consider the process of the customer's side, whether the equipment can meet the temperature requirements of the product, so as to minimize the error of the experimental results.
Sometimes I will encounter such a customer. After the laboratory has finished the experiment, the experimental formula and samples will be sent to the customer for testing. However, the customer directly tests the large machine and the result is very wrong. We think that our products are not working, we can't find other reasons.
In the end, it can only be attributed to the fact that the laboratory equipment is different from the large machine production equipment. There is an error. In fact, this statement cannot be denied, but it cannot be said that the laboratory can do it. Large-scale production equipment can be done.
Why is that?
In fact, friends who have done waterproof finishing should know that another important factor affecting waterproof finishing is: baking effect, and the baking effect has three key conditions: temperature, thermal efficiency, time.
In fact, these three key conditions, for laboratory equipment and large machinery and equipment, can be done in two ways, that is, temperature and time, only thermal efficiency is different, resulting in laboratory results and large machine production results. The root cause of the error is thermal efficiency.
Therefore, when the fabric processed by the laboratory can meet the customer's requirements, the customer's large machine thermal efficiency is different from that of the laboratory. There is no way to change this, but the customer can be told that the time and temperature can be slightly adjusted to ensure the overall process conditions. Synchronization, in the end, can also achieve the results of the laboratory.
03 summary
If you want to do waterproofing and meet the requirements of customers, you can't just consider the product. The process conditions and equipment differences need to be considered. Therefore, only when the above problems are solved, the customer's requirements can be met. Customers save time, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve win-win cooperation.

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