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Yarn-dyed corduroy fabric maintenance tips

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Core Tip:Yarn-dyed corduroy fabric maintenance skills, it is estimated that many people have heard of yarn-dyed corduroy, because
 Yarn-dyed corduroy fabric maintenance skills, it is estimated that many people have heard of yarn-dyed corduroy, because its velvet is like a strip of grass, so it is called corduroy, and its quality is very good Warmth is good, and it feels very thick. I believe everyone should wear clothes made of yarn-dyed corduroy fabric, shoes and hats, so if you want to know more about our products, welcome everyone to follow. Xiaobian can understand together and hope that some of the following small knowledge can help you in your daily life.
1. When washing the corduroy corduroy fabric, do not use force to wash it. It should not be brushed hard with a hard brush. Before washing, first put it in the water for a while, then gently rub it with your hands, then use warm water. It is rinsed clean, and when it is drying, do not use water to twist it hard, which will damage the surface of the fleece. It is not suitable for ironing. When collecting, keep the fluffy plump and towering.
2, when washing the dyed fleece, do not use boiling water to soak, use warm water, to separate the dyed and not dyed to wash, dyeing should not be exposed in the hot sun, to prevent fading after exposure.
3, when the fleece is broken, it should be repaired in time to avoid breaking the big, resulting in the destruction of the entire clothes and pants.
4, the front of the yarn-dyed corduroy is not afraid of brushing, but the reverse side should not be worn, should not be brushed, it will lead to the breakage of the pile, resulting in depilation.
5. When there is adhesive on the surface of the yarn-dyed corduroy, wash the corduroy corduroy with water.
In summary, everyone should also know that the yarn-dyed corduroy fabric is gently and gently rubbed by hand. It can't be twisted when it is drying. It should not be ironed, dyed and not dyed separately to wash, do not expose to the sun.

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