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Suit fabric knowledge

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Core Tip:Pure wool fabricA pure woolen worsted fabricMost of the texture is thinner, its face is smooth, and the lines are clear.

Pure wool fabric

A pure woolen worsted fabric

Most of the texture is thinner, its face is smooth, and the lines are clear. The lustre is natural and soft, and there is a drifting light. The body bone crisp, soft and elastic rich. Hold them off, no wrinkles, even a slight crease can disappear in a very short period of time.

Two pure wool woolen fabric

Most of the texture is thick, the face is full, and the color is soft and glances. The face and suede are not exposed to the bottom. The weave pattern is clear and rich. Feel soft, crisp and elastic.

Wool blended fabric

Wool and polyester blended fabric

The sun surface flash points, the lack of pure wool fabric soft and gentle sense. Mao Di (polyester wool fabric Tingkuo but hard board), and with the increase of the content of polyester was prominent. Elastic wool fabric is better, but the feeling is less than wool and wool acrylic blended fabric. Hold them after the release, almost no creases.

Two wool and viscose blended fabric

The gloss is darker. Worsted class feel is weak, then feel loose woollen. This kind of fabric elasticity and crisp sense than pure wool and wool polyester and wool blended fabric. If the viscose content is high, easy to wrinkle fabric.

Purified fiber imitation wool fabric

The traditional viscose fiber as raw material, artificial wool wool fabric, dim, feel weak, lack of sense of crisp. Because the elasticity is poor, prone to wrinkles, and not easy to fade. The yarn drawn from the fabric in the water after the dry wet strength is decreased, which is an effective method for identification of viscose fabric. In addition, this kind of wool like fabric will be hardened and thickened after wetting. With the progress of science and technology, the wool like products have made great progress in color, touch and durability. The high-tech textile products are constantly improving, which will make our world more colorful.

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