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Why fabric weight is not enough?

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Core Tip:1, did not produce according to specifications, weft density, lack of density2, the raw material fineness (thickness) is
1, did not produce according to specifications, weft density, lack of density
2, the raw material fineness (thickness) is insufficient, and the nominal fineness has the next deviation
3, regain not enough. After printing and dyeing processing of fabrics, drying a lot of moisture loss, while the fabric specifications refers to the standard regain under the weight. Therefore, when the weather is dry, after drying the fabric is not fully resurgence, the weight will be insufficient, especially natural fibers such as cotton wool, the deviation will be very large
4, the original yarn in the weaving process wear larger, will lead to excessive hairiness led yarn yarn thinning lead to a low weight.
5, re-dyeing in the dyeing process will lead to large yarn loss led to yarn thinner.
6, during the singeing process, burning too much fire led to the fabric over dry, desizing when the yarn damage lead to thinning.
7, when mercerized yarn for yarn damage.
8, grasping hair, hair trim for the fabric damage.

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