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Beijing "action grant" will completely exit the stage in this year

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Core Tip:Average daily traffic of more than 60,000 people had Dynamic grant will completely exit the stage this year. Recently, t
 Average daily traffic of more than 60,000 people had "Dynamic grant" will completely exit the stage this year. Recently, the reporter in Beijing's Xicheng District, Fifteenth Conference of the Sixth People's Congress conference that, on the basis of seven wholesale markets to ease the transition has been completed on the "action grant" is expected to ease the four wholesale markets in the near future completion of the remaining century Tin Lok, East tripod two private equity unit also plans later this wholesale market before the end of ease, bringing the "move installment of" Circle 13 wholesale market will be completed ease. Financial services center will become the "move installment of" new district synonymous.
Average daily passenger traffic plunged to people
Non-core function is to ease the capital over the past year, Xicheng District, the most important part of the work. Yesterday, the Standing Committee of Xicheng District, Beijing Exhibition area Construction Headquarters Sun-seok announced the progress made over the past year to ease the work.
According to Sun Shuo it introduced last year, Xicheng District, a total ease regional wholesale market, the professional market 19, ease the transition with a total area of ​​296,000 square meters. Among them, the "action grant" to complete the last year of market players (including wholesale and buildings) seven ease transition 2, each market has completed withdrawal from the market 126,000 square meters, upgraded 80,000 square meters, the average daily traffic from the past 60,000-72,000 people now dropped to about 10,000.
Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zheng Li and Fa Xian, last year "action grant" to ease the relocation experienced five big move: January, days Opteron into clothing wholesale market started the "action grant" to ease the first shot; in July, when Shang Tianli wholesale clothing market, the completion of the logistics center to ease the task of the Long march; October, the North exhibition area construction headquarters issued "To the zoo business district friend a letter," clearly "action grant" to ease the task of each market; November Special Special Shoes achieve all vacate, Hao days to transform into "sapphire financial innovation center"; December, Parc trade clothing store and Yong Hui Tong source apparel market, both closing.
West Side Market next year to ease the completion
"Fixed installment of" more than half have ease, ease other property relatively complex wholesale market is also accelerating. Sun-seok told reporters, there are two wholesale markets are expected to ease before the Spring Festival success, the private property of four buildings within Jin Kaili German market and the world market Vang ease work has made a breakthrough. wherin Bus Group and Jin Kaili Germany are to ease the property market conduct repo and negotiations, the two sides have tentatively ease program; in addition, last year, after upgrading Vang world markets and Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture to develop "time-stratified , classification, partition, "the ease scheme.
Meanwhile, the Xicheng District Government also increase the century Tin Lok, Ding Dong and other private property unit wholesale efforts to ease the supervision and guidance, we plan to complete before the end of this year to ease the task. In addition to "move Batch", the Providence market (Fu Wai Branch), the official park wholesale market, Wantong and other small commodities wholesale market of small commodities market will ease the work started. Xicheng District, according to Mayor Wang Shaofeng target in the government work report presented show that in 2017, Xicheng District, will complete the work to ease regional wholesale market.
Build a platform for relocation
Ease accelerated while business relocation work is also carried out simultaneously. According to Sun Shuo, for ease of work, the North exhibition area construction headquarters, Joint and associations should continue to play a platform to build the rule of law, the role of markets and docking platform to ease the work platform in the core "move installment of" regional marketing campaign around Beijing market, undertake great efforts to cultivate the market environment, to create a better space for development market. Key government to "move installment of" merchant to promote its relocation policies, to build a platform for publicity and promotion, to protect merchant ease in getting compensation to find new space for development.
It is understood that Beijing Exhibition headquarters at the end of the four buildings in the ground floor set up a "Beijing Exhibition Hall Industrial ease Recommend" Thatcher has electricity Mall Tianjin, Tianjin nations famous city, Shijiazhuang Le City International Trade City, White ditch and channel international, Cangzhou Mingzhu, etc. 6 market stand settled, the museum aims to Recommend "dynamic installment of" business relocation to provide guidance and suggestions.
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