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How to achieve from big to strong critical turn

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Core Tip:China's textile production has more than half of world output, but structural overcapacity, lack of innovation talent, c
 China's textile production has more than half of world output, but structural overcapacity, lack of innovation talent, capital management pressure still fetters development of the industry. Chinese textile big country, but not a textile power. How to achieve from big to strong turn?
Consumer China, especially high-end consumer flow overseas, the consumer market in recent years a significant new features. Consumption of overseas tourists not only for several consecutive years ranked first in the world cross-border electricity supplier, consumption growth overseas purchasing and other equally compelling.
Why are people willing to go abroad shopping? Expect there is much distance between the supply of goods and consumers in the domestic market? How can we combine supply-side structural reforms, the flow of overseas purchasing power "pull" back?
Buy quality daily necessities "sweep" over and over
"Overseas Shopping fever is the development of domestic consumer goods industry side 'mirror'." Strategic Research Institute of Finance and Economics, CASS, Vice President of China Marketing Association Jinglin Bo believes that objectively speaking, the domestic product variety, quality and service from the international advanced level does have a certain gap.
In recent years, China to speed up the upgrading of manufacturing, but high-quality supply of consumer goods still lagged behind consumer demand, both ends of the supply and demand does not adapt, do not match.
A survey shows that often overseas Chinese tourists at an average annual household income between $ 50,000-80,000, this part of the higher quality of life requirements, consumer goods and higher requirements. Due to a strong desire to travel abroad, more opportunities, they consume the focus gradually shifted overseas.
Non-GE a law firm in Beijing five years ago, after returning from the US to Beijing, the United States still regularly go shopping, "At home, clothing, toys and other children's products particularly expensive, buy a little better brand products will several hundred dollars while in the United States, for $ twenty or thirty children's clothing, quality is very good. "
"In addition to cheap, security is also an important reason for selecing overseas shopping, especially children to eat milk, biscuits, I was not careless, basically to buy foreign products." Non-GE said.
Tourist season, in Tokyo, Japan, South Korea Seoul city some large duty-free shops, mask, eye cream, lotion and other commodities are often steals the goods of Chinese tourists. In response to China from "shopping boom", Tokyo some businesses even Chinese tourists "restriction": Mask two packages per purchase, lotion, cream and other commodities in the number is limited.
"China does not lack of consumer demand, but the lack of consumer leash skill." Jinglin Bo said that domestic enterprises should prompt attention to consumer trends, changes in consumer demand, accelerate product innovation, upgrading, make our products more humane, more diverse effect , thus more responsive to the mix of people's lives.
Achieve full integration O2O
From each line the store, the most important breakthrough in 2015 No Xi Suning is on the "Internet" to further implement the strategy, specific action is to open "Suning Tesco store cloud" to achieve full integration O2O store. In the cloud store, consumers can enjoy the "online and offline, one-click purchase" "No lines, mobile payment," "Shake, 0 yuan flash shot" and "Internet" service will also be offered "Su Ning Finance" "Overseas buy "" red children "," Suning supermarket "and other multi-format experience. "Cloud shop is full of traditional appliances stores changes to enhance the consumer shopping experience, the store in the cloud can feel the 360-degree scene of O2O shopping patterns. No Xi Suning Plaza cloud store Triomf Jufeng garden shop and cloud Jiangyin Renmin Road cloud store, all have opened in 2015, and has made a sensational opening effect. "
From the line, in the continued consolidation of home appliances, 3C category based on the advantages of no Xi Suning in 2015 to further strengthen the maternal and child beauty, overseas purchase, Suning supermarket, Suning and other categories of financial expansion. Overseas purchase terms, to develop the New Zealand Pavilion, USA Pavilion, Hong Kong Pavilion, Korea Pavilion and many other national pavilions, national characteristics of goods through direct sourcing; supermarket channel launched a massive food goods section, section 818 fever, O2O Shopping Festival and super New Year's Day, a collection of global foreign goods, with Chinese characteristics around Tuhuo, massive special offers; upgrade Suning financial wealth center for families with one-stop Internet financial services. 2015 easy to pay Bao registered users has reached 130 million, Suning financial transaction size of over 100 billion yuan, Suning crowdfunding and headstrong by-products by the general public's favorite friend.
In terms of the development of rural electricity provider, no Xi Suning finished with Wuxi Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation and expansion of the township in full swing open Suning Tesco outlets. 2015, fired a total of 30 outlets, and held 苏宁云 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference in September Joint Municipal Bureau of Commerce, helping more local enterprises in Wuxi OCS, to further promote the work of local Internet upstream agricultural products, such as Wuxi Yang mountain peaches, wine and other local specialties YuQi agricultural products.
A Chinese textile brand power to do
To achieve the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, textile industry powerhouse China should be built on the "need to be implemented by breed, raise quality, a brand of 'third grade' strategy."
"Variety is the increase to better meet consumer demand and increase consumption of species diversification; mention an important indicator of quality is to improve product reliability; a brand is to increase brand influence, increase brand awareness in the minds of consumers . "Feng said.
Textile power is the core technology innovation, which requires not only a breakthrough innovation, but also need to micro-innovation. Feng believes that through some small innovation, design makes the product quality and varieties of major change, can stimulate consumer desire to buy, implement supply creates demand.
"There is no doubt that we are now a big country textile industry." Gao Yong said that the current brand in China's textile industry, design, etc., on the development of high performance products, with foreign advanced level there is a gap, but these gaps are not too far.
Gao Yong said, "Thirteen Five" period, the textile industry will focus on science and technology, high-performance construction research projects, international brand development, etc., to the textile industry turned to power.
Overall, China's consumer goods market adequate supply, compared with foreign markets, mobile phones, home appliances and other consumer goods market has little difference, but the ability to innovate on the product, see the replacement rate, cosmetics, home, health care and many other industry segments, supply capacity is still not a small gap with the developed countries.
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