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The first rise after the Spring Festival O2O have expectations but also frustration

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Core Tip:Even the first-tier cities, O2O service during the Spring Festival is not satisfactory. The whole industry is semi-paral
 Even the first-tier cities, O2O service during the Spring Festival is not satisfactory. The whole industry is semi-paralyzed, then, take a look at the detailed information it.
Reporters during the Spring Festival survey found that a plurality of different levels of the city, Takeout become the highest penetration rate of O2O business. However, in order to solve consumer pain points itself also highlights the responsibility of the O2O "Spring pain points," almost all sectors during the Spring Festival are in a state of semi-paralysis. However, under the big platform to reach out into yet lower market realities, local enterprise O2O project began to grow.
Kind of god: Takeout highest penetration
During the Spring Festival reporter at different levels of development of the city to experience discovery, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai has long been the birthplace of such O2O penetrated takeaway O2O outside, Zhengzhou, Qingdao and other major cities and more four-tier cities are also covered takeaway internet. Among them, the public comment, hungry Mody, the US group Takeout, Baidu Takeout, word of mouth network and other services are open most widely takeaway O2O platform. Wang Zhengzhou in a building design firm, said last year was the most active year takeaway platform, "preferential subsidies vigorously promoted, they do not know when to start, when the noon meal in the unit first thought is one by one seleced dishes in takeaway platform than the price list. "
Reporters in the adjacent county-level city in Zhengzhou - Xinzheng City to see in the city of Zhengzhou City, at the junction with Long Town, due to the presence of multi-campus university, the major takeaway platform has been completed settled. There are restaurants official said, usually online reservation mainly students near the university. A takeaway platform shows that monthly sales of more than 800 restaurants alone.
In addition to these major cities, including Tongchuan, Linyi, Shandong, Takeout most active O2O business. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Geda and Ping Tai experience found that in addition to the delivery service, the platform has begun to promote the flower delivery business.
Reporters Statistics show Takeout, travel, purchase online (expected) movie tickets, flowers, cakes and other consumers use the most business, as the site massage, housekeeping, supermarket distribution, and other services, the basic four-tier cities are not yet opened, consumption It was also less heard.
Chase concept: three or four lines market has sprout
Although most of the four-tier cities, told reporters that businesses and consumers have never heard of O2O, but there are local business projects aimed at positive heat O2O field. However, O2O venture is not easy in local development, market development much more difficult than a second-tier market.
Reporter survey found that in Zhengzhou, including Jingdong home No platform other large mainstream home business in Zhengzhou, however, food facilities, a large number of local Internet Taoism US venture has begun offering fresh distribution and other similar services. Shaanxi Tongchuan local mainstream public micro-channel number service platform "copper Wei" shows that the platform provides life supermarkets, specialty, fast food, tourism and looking for work, home, and ticket booking service life, however, only a takeaway service restaurants and a seafood restaurant, but also a day in advance telephone reservation, micro-channel platform only menu.
In the first-tier cities yet is in the phase of testing the waters, three or four lines to try more like a chase concept. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Ti Yanduo and Ge Dangdi O2O service discovery, in addition to inadequate services, but can not even use the micro-channel platform, Alipay online payment tool can only pay by cash.
The education market is innovative model-based issues facing all O2O business.
Shandong Linyi Tancheng a nail shop owner said he was doing the nail, beauty business, many customers came to the store every day, even in the case of business to worry about a shortage of the store never thought of on-site service. For consumers living in the small city, almost all respondents have indicated that there is no door nail needs.
Holidays disease: first-line market worries
Although the major platforms are holding a "decisive battle to the Spring Festival" attitude, but correspondents experience found that even first-tier cities, O2O service during the Spring Festival is not satisfactory.
Reporters on New Year's Eve 21:30 Beijinggongti use software found a taxi, Uber money will not hit the car, the rate applied to the Didi Express 3.3 times. During the Spring Festival takeaway platform facing collective "half closing." In addition to chain brands to provide normal services, display a large number of businesses out of service, no service suspension also sent from the high cost of business in disguise. Beijing Daily reporter saw a sell wonton Kodate direct reference from the delivery fee 246 yuan, and to address during the Spring Festival O2O "sudden illness" pain point drug delivery closed down almost across the board.
Since the platform properties, businesses and labor shortage rest frontline services market O2O biggest worry. A limousine driver said, many drivers are back home New Year Spring Festival, Beijing is mostly left to the driver, "the company issued a notice before the holiday, please pull the Spring Festival live willing driver registration, but did not reward mechanisms (driver income) and policy as usual. " There takeaway Platform official said the platform will remain self logistics team to provide services, but does not require third-party distributors and service delivery staff to normal, "After all, we all have during the Spring Festival Chinese New Year, the market is not so much consumer demand."
During the Spring Festival, just to be O2O platform also face trouble. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter Ti Yan 58 at home, home economics and other cloud O2O platform found that even the services were all prices, consumers also "a single hard to find." Reporters started this evening Log beaver home App checked six manicurist schedule, only one of them can make an appointment two days later time, other manicurists should only start after the fifth or sixth day.
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