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Yongchuan District Environmental Protection Bureau to further promote the total amount of major poll

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Core Tip:February 14, reporters learned from the District Environmental Protection Bureau, this year, the District Environmental
 February 14, reporters learned from the District Environmental Protection Bureau, this year, the District Environmental Protection Bureau will be pollution reduction as the starting point, and constantly strengthen emission reduction projects, structural mitigation and management of emissions, emission reduction policies and measures continue to improve, further promote the total amount of major pollutants emission reduction.
New year, the District Environmental Protection Bureau will strengthen the planning, strict implementation of emission reduction responsibilities. Accordance with the municipal government and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau on pollution reduction requirements, proceed with the preparation Thirteen Five total emission reduction plan to guide Thirteen Five of the total emission reduction activities. Strengthen management of conservation work, through on-site supervision, early warning, notification, scheduling and quarterly assessment mechanism, to further refine the objectives of the responsibility, formed at every level, layers of implementation of the working mechanism, implement comprehensive engineering, construction and management measures to reduce emissions. Especially for key emission reduction projects, a clear responsible units and the time frame for completion, built and put into operation as soon as possible. At the same time, explore the potential to play to ensure that emission reduction benefits. Urban sewage pipe network to carry out inventories, the full establishment of urban sewage pipe network database, to further strengthen the two, three pipe network construction, gradually improve the sewage pipe network coverage, complete Lysol, Wing nine moderate five sewage treatment plants technological expansion project; accelerate the pace of eliminating backward production capacity. Strict implementation of the industrial policy, the source of good project approval, and strictly controls the country limiting class industry growth rate, improve the backward production capacity out of the standard and scope of the existing production line through the "big pressure on the small", "equivalent alternative" and other measures replacement ban heavily polluting countries do not meet industrial policy small paper, leather, printing and dyeing, coking pesticide production projects. It will also strengthen supervision, consolidate the emission reduction achieved. Pollution reduction as the starting point, combined with environmental protection special action, continue to increase all kinds of illegal sewage enterprises special rectification; to sewage treatment plants, power plant desulfurization facilities, cement stock facilities, key sources of pollution pollution control facilities, various types of environmental automatic monitoring system as the focus, depth inspection of law enforcement, enhance environmental protection and meticulous management, improve and perfect a thorough investigation with the masses, the working mechanism of environmental law enforcement and public opinion the combination; investigate and punish unauthorized disabling of pollution control facilities, in violation of environmental laws regulations enterprises, contaminants can not be stable discharge standards, the implementation deadline as required shall not be ordered to stop production of governance according to law compliance, governance hopeless shall be ordered to shut down, pollution reduction efforts to maximize efficiency.
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