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UN89005 67%Cotton 3%Spandex 30%Polyester Slub Denim 52/54" 9.8oz

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    Production Item Fabric Name UN89005 67%Cotton 3%Spandex 30%Polyester Slub Denim Weight 9.8oz
    Article No. UN89005 Fabric Weave Twill Printing or Dyeing Denim
    Finishing Process The original cloth Composition 67%Cotton 3%Spandex 30%Polyester Remarks
    Series #68 Colour Grey Width 52/54"

     Red edge Denim (Selvedge Denim), also called tannins cloth is a kind of relatively thick yarn dyed warp twill cotton cloth, warp color deep, generally for the indigo blue, weft color shallow, usually for light grey or after scouring the white yarn.Also called indigo denim.Began in the western United States, herding people to make clothing.Warp the joint one-step dyeing, pulp dyeing, number 80 Tex (7), 58 Tex (10), 36 Tex (16 British), such as weft, number 96 Tex (6), 58 Tex (10), 48 Tex (12 English) and so on, USES 3/1 group, also have a varying twill, plain or crepe cowboy, fabric preshrunk finishing, small shrinkage than normal fabric, texture closely, thick, bright color and textured clear.Suitable for men and women jeans, denim jacket, denim vest, denim skirt, etc.


        Edge: red edge jeans are available on both sides the biggest characteristic is the "edge" in "red edge" can change according to customer's requirement, can switch to English, Numbers, words or pictures.Increa their creative uniqueness.

    Company introduction:

    Our company is a industrial collaboration with trade in goods, integrating textile, printing and dyeing, and enjoys independent right to import and export of industry and trade enterprises.
    The main products are cotton, denim, denim, stretch denim, cotton jacquard denim, color unique cowboy, functional cowboy), printed, yarn-dyed checkered cloth, corduroy, red edge (comfort/tannin) denim, weaving, etc.;Otherwise do all kinds of processing: waterproof, glossy, grinding hair, spray adhesive, coating, bronzing, flocking, mercerizing, etc., can meet the requirements of different customers.
    Our headquarters in Hong Kong, in shenzhen, jiangsu, fujian, dongguan has offices, open ZhiBuChang and dyeing factory in zhongshan and jiangsu changshu, and equipped with international advanced textile production equipment and excellent technical team.
    The reason of s choose us:
    Low price is competitive
    Entity factory, complete equipment, professional quality and super flat ex-factory price, is our core competitive force.At the same time all the year round with a large number of spot.Shorten the production time.
    Low production quality denim products
    Professional management team and advanced production equipment are powerful guarantees for us high quality products, sincerely welcome field trips.
    Low customer one-stop service: trust, worry and comfort
    From design, production, processing, to delivery after we implement one-stop services;With your sincere cooperation, create a win-win situation.
    Low warmly welcome you to come to negotiate business.
    The company can be customized to sample 3-20 oz all kinds of denim, including various complex denim, welcome calls to sample!
    I enter the denim industry company has 10 years of history, rich experience on production and manufacturing all kinds of denim, and the company is equipped with the most advanced microcomputer control of high-speed rapier loom, with incomparable advantages.

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