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Member registration guide
Joint uniontextiles registration is mainly through the mobile phone number and mailbox registration, registration steps are relatively simple, then, give you a detailed description of the joint textile network registration steps.
1, the user opens the joint textile network page, click on the top of the "registration", as shown below:

2, after entering the registration page, as shown below:
According to the above information to fill out the fill, fill in the completion of the point after the submission!
Simple! Here the registration process is complete! The
How to confirm my user name??

Next, hurry into the mall, buy your favorite goods!
1. Choose your favorite fabric, after entering, as shown in Figure:
Fancy to do not hesitate, click on the quick purchase and purchase immediately
Have you ever wanted to buy those? See you can join the first shopping cart, after the selection can be finished with a single Oh, convenient and fast ^. ^
Click to enter, the first time to add contact address, or express brother can not find, fill in the address, contact, after paying the money! We will send you as soon as possible Oh
Well the end of the tutorial, I wish you a happy shopping! The

common problem:
Answer: the name of the member selection should be based on the principle of simple and easy to remember, and click to view the user name is occupied, if occupied, please make certain changes. The member name is composed of English letters or digits or underscores, English case sensitive, can not use the "-" symbol, can not use Chinese characters.

When I fill out the registration information, click on the "finish" button, why is it wrong?
Answer: 1, a * is required. Maybe your information is not perfect.
              2, when the first error, it is best to refresh the page to re register.

Can I change my member login name?
A: the membership account has his uniqueness, can not be changed by itself.

How to change my password?
A: you can log into the member business center, in the "member services" - "modify the information" which carries out the modification of information and password modification.

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